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“I rarely write reviews but I feel compelled to write one about HealthWell because of my amazing experience here. I suffer from a chronic disease which is very complicated and manifests itself in several physiological ways. The geneticist who diagnosed me recommended only ONE place for me to get relief from my incurable condition — HealthWell PT, and in particular, Mindy Marantz.  I have been seeing Mindy and Debbie, and they are amazingly gifted practitioners.  They take a holistic approach to their practice, which truly makes all of the difference. I have been to several physical therapists as well as a ridiculous number of doctors and have never had an experience like my experience at HealthWell. This is not a typical sports medicine PT place, and if you are looking for a quick fix — go take a pill.  If you want to learn how to change the way you are living to improve the rest of your time on this earth, then this is the place for you.  I know that my disease does not have a cure, but HealthWell is giving me the skills to do everything in my power to keep it at bay and to have an active, enriching life for as long as possible.”
— Mic H.
Mic H.
“Mindy and her group are miracle workers! They’re super knowledgeable, patient and friendly. Highly recommended!”
— Yelp T.
Yelp T., Your Content Goes Here
“I have been seeing Mindy for physical therapy for about 6 months and she has been a lifesaver. I went from extreme pain to being able to move comfortably. Mindy is extremely knowledgable about how the body works and her approach is very thoughtful and caring. I trust her completely.”
— Annie P.
Annie P., Your Content Goes Here
“I was recommended to HealthWell Physical Therapy by my physician and I have been more than satisfied. Everything about HealthWell Physical Therapy is of the highest quality. From the front desk assistants to the scheduling staff, the cleanliness of the spaces to the excellent treatment by the therapist I have been working with, HealthWell is top of the line care. I highly recommend this therapy group.”
— Ellen M.
Ellen M.
“Really appreciate Dani, Sarah and Greg. I’ve been going for a couple months to help resolve chronic issues with my back. I leave every session with my back feeling better and even my shoulder feels better. Dani is very knowledgeable, kind and intuitive. Sarah works hard to accommodate my schedule and is also really nice. Greg is very knowledgeable and supportive. You can carry out the exercises easily at home. Thanks!”
— Liz M.
Liz M., Your Content Goes Here
“Mindy and the team at HealthWell are amazing!  Mindy not only has exceptional manual skills and brilliance, but she truly seems to care.  I have had physical therapy in several other locations and found Mindy through several recommendations.   I appreciate that Mindy spends the entire visit working with me and doesn’t pawn me off to an inexperienced, low cost aide the way most other clinics do (which has only led to re-exacerbation of my problem in the past).   Mindy helped me with an annoying, persistent back problem and managed to help my neck and hip in the process.  She treats the whole body and seems to have the magical touch.  Further, her front desk staff are professional and spent a great amount of time figuring out my insurance and working with my crazy schedule.  Thank you HealthWell and especially Mindy for your dedication, compassion and excellent care.”
— Cindy D.
Cindy D., Your Content Goes Here
“Mindy Marantz is a gem – brilliant at what she does. I started seeing her 2 years ago for a nagging pinched nerve in my glut. I had previously seen multiple docs and PTs who could not get to the bottom of my issue (no pun intended). After seeing her on a regular basis, Mindy was the only practitioner who helped me get past the issue. She has an unparalleled skill of identifying seemingly disconnected problem areas and working to release fascia, so my entire system is working better together. Although my numbing is better, I continue to see Mindy to deal with everything from running injuries to recurring neck pain. I highly recommend her for those tough injuries that others simply can’t get to the root of. She’s also the loveliest person to get to know. Over the years, we’ve developed a repertoire I really enjoy and I find that I’m often learning new things from her!”
— Katie D.
Katie D.
“After a year of seeing other doctors, surgeons and PT clinics, Mindy and her team immediately diagnosed multiple underlying conditions, helped me rebuild strength through manual and pilates techniques, and introduced me to feldenkrais training.  They tracked with me on my recovery and helped me to determine when less invasive solutions might help and when they wouldn’t.  They were integral to my decision to finally have reconstructive surgery in my hip.  Three years after walking in the door, my life is finally coming back and it’s because of Healthwell….. If you are hyper- mobile especially, I can’t say enough good things about them.”
— Kelli P.
Kelli P.
“My experience has been amazing from the second I booked my appointment. The receptionist Erin was super professional. She emailed me all of my appointments and even looked into my insurance coverage. Mindy is my PT. She looks at the body as a whole, not just one rib out of place. She finds parts of my  body that hurt, that I wasn’t even aware of and fixes them! She gives at home exercises to supplement the therapy which have helped. Thank you Mindy! I will definitely be sending patients your way.”
— Nikki S.
Nikki S.
“HealthWell Physical Therapy Group is a great practice that truly takes a holistic approach to healing. I have a lower back injury and have had two surgeries. I have been to multiple physical therapy practices and health practitioners and appreciate the welcoming environment that HealthWell creates. I have done both physical therapy and massage therapy with two different therapists at the clinic. Their manual work is especially great, as you know if you have a lower back issues. I would really recommend HealthWell for you physical therapy needs.”
— Rebecca D.
Rebecca D.

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