Back/Neck/Skeletal Pain

Whether it’s neck or low back spine pain, foot pain or shoulder pain, skeletal pain can stop you from sleeping well, exercising, or even working with ease.

The easiest solution is to have an experienced Physical Therapist at HealthWell evaluate your complaints, help modify alignment and posture, and provide simple restorative movements that get you moving in the right direction. Doing nothing is like leaving your finger jammed in the door and hoping it will stop hurting. Doing something can relieve pain and stop reoccurance!

Back/Neck/Skeletal Pain

HealthWell can assist you before or after you’ve seen a medical doctor. If you have a doctor’s prescription, please bring that with you on your first appointment. If you don’t have a physician and need a referral to someone who can best address your issue, feel free to make an appointment with us and we can refer you to a physician. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes earlier on your first appointment, print and bring your completed patient forms, your insurance information, and wear comfortable, loose clothing.

We are committed to getting optimum results for every patient.


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