What is a Telehealth visit?

Need therapy but nervouse about leaving home? Try one visit of telehealth to see if it’s for you! A Telehealth visit is a one-on-one visit with a skilled Physical Therapist via video conferencing. Telehealth sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes and are available during clinic hours, Monday-Friday.

How do I schedule a Telehealth appointment?

Call us at 415.921.1211 or request a visit at info@healthwellpt.com

Does my insurance cover Teleheath visits?

Telehealth service is covered by most insurance plans. Once you have scheduled an appointment, we will call your insurance for you to see if it’s approved. For more information about Telehealth insurance coverage, click here to go to Insurance Questions.

What Physical Therapy services can I expect via Telehealth?

Your Physical Therapist will be able to offer similar care to what you receive in the clinic and will be able to instruct in alternative treatment methods that can be done without in-person physical contact.

Telehealth services can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Patients can receive convenient evaluation for acute or persistent symptoms and receive immediate patient education and instruction on how to reduce symptoms. When appropriate, your physical therapist will help determine when to escalate treatment to physician care.
  • Patients may avoid physical exposure to larger healthcare facilities and can decrease health risk associated with community outings due to COVID-19.
  • Patients may sign up for follow-up treatment sessions with a HealthWell Physical Therapist and receive one-on-one continuous weekly care in order to monitor progress and improve health.
  • Physical Therapists can review exercise programs, exercise modifications, and facilitate exercise progression.
  • Physical Therapists can offer instruction and patient education for improved “at home” desk ergonomics.
  • Physical Therapists can teach patients how to be perform self soft tissue treatment.

Schedule a Telehealth/Video Rehab appointment.

Back/Neck/Skeletal Pain

HealthWell can assist you before or after you’ve seen a medical doctor. If you have a doctor’s prescription, please bring that with you on your first appointment. If you don’t have a physician and need a referral to someone who can best address your issue, feel free to make an appointment with us and we can refer you to a physician. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes earlier on your first appointment, print and bring your completed patient forms, your insurance information, and wear comfortable, loose clothing.

We are committed to getting optimum results for every patient.


Our San Francisco Physical Therapy clinic is open for in-clinic care and ongoing Telehealth appointments.

Our premier location and easy access reduces your stress. Our office location is the round high-rise building, on the southeast corner, across from St. Mary’s Cathedral at the intersection of Gough at Geary Blvd. Our convenient San Francisco location offers FREE parking in our parking lot, and non-metered street parking also available. Several San Francisco Muni Lines are available to reach us.

To schedule an in-clinic appointment, call us at 415.921.1211 or request an appointment at info@healthwellpt.com. Our goal is to provide the safest space possible for our patients and staff.
Click here to learn about our safety procedures.

Ready to start feeling better without leaving home? Telehealth is a live video conferencing option that allows face-to-face interaction between patients and their Physical Therapist over a smart phone or a computer with a webcam. This service is currently covered by most insurance plans. We will call your insurance for you to see if it’s approved. To schedule a Telehealth/video Rehab appointment, call us at 415.921.1211 or request a visit at info@healthwellpt.com

We can’t wait to see you!