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Whether you are a young female athlete, a menopausal woman, or a cancer survivor dealing with lymphedema, HEALTHWELL understands the particular issues facing women at different times in their lives and has made Women’s Health a large part of our practice. We work with a variety of injuries that result in pain or limited movement. We can improve your comfort through our understanding of the neuromuscular system and hormonal shifts throughout life that are unique to women. If you have an overuse syndrome like Repetitive Stress from computer work or sports, we can teach you about movement awareness through Pilates and Feldenkrais, and provide the most effective manual therapy treatments available that really make a difference. If you have cancer, and need specialized care and lymphatic drainage within an environment that values healthy living, HEALTHWELL provides that and much more.

Cancer Care and Lymphedema Treatment

Receiving a diagnosis of Cancer is profound and finding good care early is critical for the best outcomes. HEALTHWELL participates in helping our cancer patients achieve the highest quality of life during this challenging journey through treating Secondary Lymphedema usually arising from post-mastectomy surgery, trauma, or radiation. We utilize specialized techniques including manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, and advanced exercise programs to provide a comprehensive program. Our goals are to lessen the chances of developing lymphedema, as well as educate those with a lymphedema diagnosis how to minimize its effects and manage symptoms effectively. We value and take seriously our role on your healthcare team as we actively guide and encourage you towards enjoying a healthy and empowered life.

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Injuries are common with pregnancy. Low back pain develops easily before delivery because the ligaments have loosened or stretched in preparation for giving birth. And following delivery, we know what to do with mothers strained from putting the car seat in the car, and carrying a 30-pound baby before their body has recovered and stabilized again after childbirth. When cesarean births result in uncomfortable scarring, we can help that also with myofascial release techniques.

Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

HEALTHWELL can also address special challenges for women, including relieving pelvic pain and dysfunction. Pelvic pain and dysfunction can interrupt normal sexual relations. It is more common than you would think, yet it is often too personal to bring up. Living with this pain is not necessary. It may be related to a pattern of muscular overfiring or underfiring, and responds well to direct, professional care. HEALTHWELL's San Francisco women's health practitioners understand the connections and can utilize myofasctial release, neuromuscular reeducation and postural alignment techniques to relieve pain and restore normal function.


Woman go through many menopausal changes, which frequently include loss of muscle mass and loss of bone density. We understand how to slow muscle mass loss and work with your physician in accessing your risks associated with bone density loss due to menopausal changes. HEALTHWELL can guide you, at your request, to physicians knowledgeable about Hormone Replacement Therapy, and we can help you strengthen your body, improve your posture and balance, prevent falls, and slow down degenerative changes. Finally, we know what a fall can do as women age, and we know how to address balance and strength. You can test your balance with our 3-minute Balance Test to see if your balance, based on your age, is as good as it should be. Also, check this resource page for more information about risk factors and fall prevention. We can certainly provide you with short-term relief and recovery, but at HEALTHWELL we like to go further. We specialize in long-term strategies for better health, improved fitness and injury prevention so that you can feel better, move better, live better.




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