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If you are an active sports enthusiast trying to relieve pain or recover from injury, the hardest thing to cope with is not being able to exercise freely the way you want to. We believe you when you tell us that you don’t know who you are when you can’t exercise. Our job is to create a progressive program that speeds your healing, teaches you new movement strategies during the course of your recovery, and makes getting better just a little more fun! We introduce the newest strategies for strengthening, coordination, power, speed and balance. We’ll show you how to tape, for example, your knee or your elbow to reduce unwelcome swelling that restricts your range of motion, but more importantly, we get you moving again with thoughtful and complete consideration of what it takes to stay well. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, HEALTHWELL’s team is committed to your improved health and movement.

Spine Care

The spine is central to your health. HEALTHWELL offers a variety of therapies to help you care for your spine. Some might have hypermobility syndrome where several segments of the spine have too much motion. Some may be bothered by a recurrent “SI joint dysfunction” that won’t quit acting up. Some may have balance, coordination and turning issues that start in their spine. Some may need to carefully gain strength in their spine to avoid re-injury.We can evaluate your individual spine care issues and help you resolve them with specialized therapies including Pilates, Feldenkrais, myofascial release and neuromuscular reeducation. Depending upon the cause and effects of your spine issues, HEALTHWELL will help you find the comfort and relief you seek.Whether you are recovering from surgery, wanting to avoid surgery, or trying to increase balance and coordination, HEALTHWELL will identify your unique strengths and weaknesses to develop a successful recovery solution so that you can live better.

Acute back pain

If you suffer from non-traumatic spine pain that comes on suddenly, we will perform an extensive evaluation of the pain problem and provide anti-inflammatory modalities with appropriate manual care to provide immediate relief. Based upon the information we gather during this evaluation, we will work with your primary care physician or assist you in finding a specialized pain physician so that you will have the full compliment of pharmacology and interventional medicine available, should you need it. If we suspect instability or a significant structural spine impairment, we make sure your physician is immediately notified, and facilitate expert and immediate care. HEALTHWELL therapists will work with all combinations of your physicians and complimentary health care providers to minimize your pain and to make certain no signs and symptoms that we as experts are trained to recognize are overlooked.

Persistent low back pain

Whether it just started or you’ve had it for years, we can help determine the cause of your persistent low back pain. Your individual movement patterns, environmental factors, health history and goals will be considered to develop a unique solution for your pain. HEALTHWELL San Francisco can provide for you – through a number of techniques and therapies – relief, reeducation and self-management tools to avoid further pain and injury

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