Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Restoring normal movement post operatively in a timely manner is essential. HEALTHWELL’s physical therapy team makes that happen with effective range of motion, scar and soft tissue mobilization, and strengthening programs which includes Pilates, Yoga, and Feldenkrais. You’ll leave our clinic feeling better than you ever imagined!

When you no longer can stand the pain, or your lifestyle is significantly diminished, surgery can be a good solution. However, restoring normal movement throughout your body after surgery is equally important . These are inter-related but separate issues. Smooth, fluid movement does not spontaneously reappear after surgery. Your body may have spent years unconsiously making neuro-muscular shifts to reduce discomfort . As a result, post-operatively, you might notice that one shoulder is lower than the other when looking in the mirror, or your pelvis doesn’t feel level when you lay flat. Post operative physical therapy at HEALTHWELL in San Francsco both restores functional motion at the surgical site and also rebalances posture so you can discover improved power with full body balance.

If your physician hasn't mentioned physical therapy, you can always intitiate an evaluation by calling our office to see if there are opportunities for improvement hastening your return to normal activities including exercise and sport, or comfort with simple things like walking, sitting, or sleeping. Often the unique knowledge of HEALTHWELL’s physical therapy team is the difference between canceling a trip or being ready and confident for new adventures!

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Post Surgery
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