San Francisco Pilates

San Francisco PILATES

Strengthening and Balance for young and old

This popular exercise is used for both injury rehabilitation and general fitness conditioning. Designed to condition the entire body, Pilates promotes muscular rebalancing and strengthening that begins by emphasizing deep breathing and "core" abdominal muscles.

Pilates training includes a strengthening plan for the core muscles outward, resulting in controlled movement, flexibility and agility.

The combination of stretching and strengthening allows Pilates to increase flexibility in the most effective way possible. Pilates is ideal for injuries related to hypermobility, pain conditions from weakness or muscle atrophy, scoliosis, and post-surgical conditioning. It is also excellent for seniors to strengthen and improve their balance.

Pilates is HEALTHWELL’s number one choice for people wanting to reduce their risk of falls by strengthening their hip and leg muscles. Pilates is offered by HEALTHWELL Physical Therapy in San Francisco.






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San Francisco Pilates
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