Arthritis & Pain Syndromes

At HEALTHWELL, we have many tools for managing your pain, and improving your movement and function. Some of our tools work quickly because the pain problem is new and is easily reversible. Other problems are the result of failed surgeries, long-term irritation such as osteoarthritis conditions, or a combination of other inflammatory factors. The pain management tools used to help these different pain conditions have changed dramatically over the years, and continue to change. HEALTHWELL excels at the specific assessments and treatment of many types of pain syndromes because of the breadth of our therapeutic knowledge and our years of experience treating pain in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Experience matters! We also appreciate the connections between the body and the brain in controlling and managing pain. This knowledge – combined with Feldenkrais, breathing tools, meditation and relaxation, Yoga, Pilates, and our manual hands-on physical therapy – allows us to apply an integrated pain management approach to help you better cope with and reduce your pain.

Structure & Function and pain management

We understand that structure and function are interrelated and integral part of your pain management and recovery plan. If the structure is abnormal, the function is also eventually abnormal. For example, perhaps you have a “bum knee” that you favor, or a hip that is wearing out, or a spine that is painful. When these “structures” are abnormal and cause you pain, your ability to walk, climb stairs, stand, or sit may be affected. We can help improve function in many different ways that frequently alleviate the need for surgery and improve your ability to live actively without pain.

HEALTHWELL specializes in connecting the dots.

Our caring therapists understand and treat your body as a unit. We know that poor posture, or shoulder surgery, or a total hip or knee replacement can result in functional changes elsewhere in the body. Our understanding and knowledge of those relationships allow us to identify your unique problems, treat them and help you live better. Here is a case study to illustrate the importance of understanding those relationships.

Case Study Comparison:

LT and her neighbor both had knee surgery. LT came to HEALTHWELL and her neighbor went elsewhere. Both received physical therapy. At HEALTHWELL, Mindy looked at LT’s surgical knee and noticed that she had spider veins both in her calf and her thigh, a sign of sluggish return of blood back to the heart. She also heard LT say that the real discomfort was “behind the knee” where Mindy knows there are many lymph glands. Mindy suggested that LT get compressive stockings and wear them during the daytime. She then showed LT how to mobilize her lymphatic system to reduce her knee swelling from the orthopedic procedure.LT pranced back into therapy one week later and showed off a pain-free knee, one that bent 30 degrees more than the week before, and while she was moving up and down her stairs with ease wearing her stockings, her neighbor was still hobbling along in pain on crutches. By integrating what HEALTHWELL knows about orthopedic lymphatic mobilization and applying that to an otherwise excellent orthopedic surgery, LT’s knee improved that much faster, and she wasn’t left worrying that something had gone wrong. Our recovery solution for LT went beyond “exercise more.” to short term pain management and long term integrated healing. While traditional solutions for pain are “strengthening,” HEALTHWELL applies their “systems” knowledge (in this case, the lymphatic system) to your problems to design individualized recovery solutions that make a difference. You deserve the broadest tools, accurately applied, for the best outcomes. HEALTHWELL respects that and provides that while working collaboratively with your physician.

When pain is stubborn, HEALTHWELL “has your back.”

We understand how critical the nervous system is in controlling the body, and that it is a major factor in controlling blood flow. We recognize the constellation of temperature changes, burning, swelling, and skin sensitivity, and help you work with the part of the nervous system that governs these symptoms. While we don’t expect you to understand all the details, we know how to reason from the site of your problem, through the nervous system, and care for the tissues en route to solve your problem. If you are told that all you need to do is get stronger, that’s probably just a part of the story. You can get stronger and still feel pain or have limited range of motion, unless and until someone looks at the full picture and deals with all the contributing factors. As resources for you, we have relationships with top physicians and complementary providers in San Francisco and the Bay Area to get a good view of the full picture on your behalf. At HEALTHWELL, we help you adapt successfully and efficiently. When environmental changes occur, the body can be overwhelmed by or under prepared for what happens. We provide you the knowledge and tools to assure the most successful, practical solutions within a reasonable period of treatment, and send you off better than when you arrived!

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