HEALTHWELL San Francisco Physical Therapy Group combines Lifestyle Changes with Advanced Physical Therapy methods which empower you to feel your best each and every day! Conveniently located in San Francisco with a satellite office in Healdsburg.

Our advanced knowledge and years of experience are what make HEALTHWELL different. We offer relief from pain syndromes and may reduce the need for medication or surgery.

Healthwell San Francisco Physical Therapy
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What is feeling your best? It may mean understanding why stiffness occurs after sitting at your desk for an hour, and needing the quickest solution to change that sensation. Physical Therapy can help. Others may have physical issues beyond their ability to independently improve, such as balance difficulties, muscle and joint pain, or range of motion and breathing restrictions. Some people have a new diagnosis, like back pain, shoulder or knee pain from a sports injury, or arthritis with joint and muscle pain, lymphedema, hypermobility syndrome, or whiplash and headaches from a car accident. Physical Therapy can help. Post-operative scarring can cause pain as can digestive disorders, and those can be helped by our staff's specialized skills. Still others have on- going problems that haven't been solved with surgery or from other therapies including Women's Health and Men's Health issues, and we have been successful in helping those patients

as well. Healthwell's San Francisco Physical Therapy Office offers solutions to help you feel your best.

Healthwell understands that most physical problems have precise anatomical solutions found in muscles, bones, ligaments, fascia, and nerves, and we are experts in these complex relationships. We also understand how to help you modify lifestyle so that the gains we make in clinic remain with you for a very long time. We always give you programs that effectively improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. We actively work to remove strains and stressors and provide resources you can trust. Your vitality for life matters. Healthwell San Francisco Physical Therapy provides solutions that make significant differences in feeling, moving, and living at your very best!

Healthwell: San Francisco Physical Therapy

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